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‘Can I Borrow That?’ is a Facebook video series hosted by beauty guru, Nabela Noor. Eight episodes explore the historical and modern applications of today’s beauty and fashion trends.

Episode 1 Korean Beauty

1. Korean beauty can be traced back to values rooted in Confucianism. Inner beauty is reflected through simple, unadorned external beauty.

2. In modern times we see these values by the extensive Korean skincare routine that have the entire family involved.

Episode 2 Eyeliner

1. Eyeliner has been around since ancient Egypt and was used by both females and males.

2. Eyeliner has even traveled across the globe and was a key visual cue for geishas in Japan.

Episode 3 High Heels

Persian war generals, aristocratic men and Ottoman bath house ladies all wore high heels that may look strange to the contemporary heel wearer.

Episode 4 Body Glitter

1. Some of the earliest forms of glitter were flecks of mica on cave paintings.

2. David Bowie was not afraid to incorporate glitter into his look.

Episode 5 Contour

Shakespearean actors would use soot for contouring as theatre makeup.

Episode 6 Red Lip

1. Red lips used to signal what was akin to the red light district in ancient Rome.

2. Back in the days, red lips used to be associated with the devil!

Episode 7 Manicure

Red nails (dipped in henna) used to represent power in Ancient Egypt. The redder the hue the more power it signified!

Episode 8
1. Sequence in hair coloring expectations and realities.

2+3. Unused frames portraying what hair color could signify for women in ancient Greece.

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