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NFL Draft Stories

Studio Famous Group
Creative Direction Lauren Fisher
Producer Ryan Drobnich, Jason Bastian

Role Design, animation

I had the opportunity of bringing to life the ‘story behind the draft’ under the wonderful direction of Lauren Fisher and the rest of the team at The Famous Group. Officially linked here.

Shannon Sharpe

Brett Favre

Ryan Succop

Huluween 2

Studio Laundry!
Design, animation

Bumpers, transition and tune-in for Hulu’s promotion of Huluween 2 Return of the Killer Binge. Logo lock-up provided by Hulu.

Title Resolve Pitch

Hulu provided this sequence but as a flat. Added textural qualities to amplify the atmosphere.

Bumper Hypnotized

The initial pitch and animated deliverable. The pitch was feeling too scary/possessed and was changed to evoke a more ‘brainwashed’ feel.

Bumper Zombie TV


Bumper Mirror


Bumper Remote


Tune-in Knife

Frame A was the initial pitch and Frame B became the deliverable using Hulu’s provided iconography.

Transition Bubbles

Bubbles were an integrated part of the Huluween 2 style deck so we used them for a transition with alpha.

Ridiculous 6

Studio Framework LA
Client Happy Madison
Creative Direction Jesse Hallas
Producer Conn Reilly

Role Animation, compositing

‘Framework LA was working with Happy Madison on the film, ‘The Ridiculous 6.’ I was brought on to animate and composite most* of Jesse’s design frames for the main on end.

*Did not animate at these timecodes

Yearly Departed

Studio Imaginary Forces
Art Direction Kathy Liang

Role Design, animation

Logo and type treatment for the Amazon Prime comedy special featuring seven female comics bidding 2020 farewell.


Agency ATTN:
Creative Direction Zachary Gibson
Art Direction Jared Norby

Body rig, character animation, 2d animation, compositing

ATTN: x Ellentube collaboration. Worked with a team of animators, background artists, character artists, storyboard artists and graphic designers to bring these two fully animated episodes to life.

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